OrthoLink, a division of Physician Strategy Group, is a leading business partner for orthopedic practices in the United States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Surgical Partners International, Inc.


OrthoLink Physician Strategy Group’s mission is to strengthen our relationship with our orthopedic physicians by becoming a trusted and strategic resource, improving the sustainability and growth of the private practice.


Founded in 1996 by some of the country’s leading orthopedic physicians, OrthoLink Physician Strategy Group has grown to partner with nearly 200 musculoskeletal physicians to enhance their practices through the development of state-of-the-art surgical facilities and other ancillary services. We support our partnered practices by helping them thrive in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Our accounting and finance support can assist your orthopedic practice to promote growth strategies that ensure a promising future. We offer our partners strategic planning, networking, operational best practices, practice knowledge sharing, group purchasing, and benchmarking. OrthoLink Physician Strategy Group strives to hold their practices to a higher standard by engaging in cooperative efforts for the betterment of the practice.


PSG’s value to our practice lies in their ability to apply their extensive practice management expertise to assist us in fine-tuning our daily operations to include patient flow, management of ancillary resources, optimal staffing levels, and resource optimization.  We view PSG as an extension of our leadership team to provide both physicians and management unbiased assessments of our practice, along with specific, actionable recommendations.  An essential component of PSG’s work is that our physicians believe that their recommendations are credible.  We are very pleased with their work and intend to engage PSG on a regular basis.


Rick Weymier, MBA, FACMPE

Chief Administrative Officer