A physician-led, patient-centered program that allows a physician to perform joint replacements in the outpatient setting through a clinically coordinated care pathway with evidence-based protocols.




U.S. market statistics on hip, knee and shoulder replacements indicate a steady increase and emerging trend with ‘Young Actives’, patients in the 45 –64 age group. Knee replacements rose from 264K in 1997 to 719K in 2010 and more than tripled among the ‘Young Actives’ group.




Since 1998, USPI has been an industry leader in the short–stay surgical business. We continue to maintain our commitment to our physician partnerships and the critical alignment that allow us to collectively deliver the highest quality care with outstanding service to our patients. We serve over one million patients in our facilities each year, and are able to leverage our experience, size, and scope to deliver best practices for joint arthroplasty procedures.


For more information on this program email Matt Pate, SVP Physician Strategy Group or call him at 972-713-3523.


We owe the success of the Total Joint Program at Resurgens Surgery Center to our surgeons, the preparations, and to the education and support from the joint program implementation team. Although we had heard of other centers performing these cases, it seemed far-fetched that a patient would have a joint replaced, walk 150 feet and up and down a flight of stairs, and be discharged home within hours of their surgery. The joint program implementation team…let the staff know how important each one of them was to the success of the patient. They reassured the staff that safety was the primary concern, allowing the staff to express themselves and question the success of these cases in other centers. The Joint Program Implementation Team educated and reassured us this was possible and we were the team to do this.


Anne Liney, RN, Administrator

Resurgens Orthopedics – St. Joseph’s Campus


The Total Joint Program through USPI has strong advantages… USPI provides the larger picture. They provide up-to-date research so we know what is happening in the medical community and that makes a big difference.


Tootie Kelley, Joint Program Coordinator

Northwest Georgia Surgery Center