Open Access Growth Program for GI/ColoRectal Practices

The Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program®  is a patient-centered, hassle-free approach to colon screening developed, trademarked and copyrighted by the Physician Strategy Group as a fully packaged and turnkey program to benefit the GI and Colorectal practices within the USPI network and patients in the communities they serve.  Program goals include:

  • Increase early detection of colon cancer
  • Decrease patient costs and “hassle” factors
  • Maintain high-quality patient care
  • Increase accessibility for patients to screenings
  • Increase patient referrals to providers
  • Increase case volume for the facility
  • Create marketing opportunity for practice/facility
  • Increase USPI’s value to participating physicians

For more information on the Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program®, click here to send us a message or call us toll free at 855.207.5230.